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    # Load the raw CIFAR-10 data.
    cifar10_dir = 'cs231n/datasets/cifar-10-batches-py'
    # Cleaning up variables to prevent loading data multiple times (which may cause memory issue)
       del X_train, y_train
       del X_test, y_test
       print('Clear previously loaded data.')
    X_train, y_train, X_test, y_test = load_CIFAR10(cifar10_dir)
    # As a sanity check, we print out the size of the training and test data.
    print('Training data shape: ', X_train.shape)
    print('Training labels shape: ', y_train.shape)
    print('Test data shape: ', X_test.shape)
    print('Test labels shape: ', y_test.shape)

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